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About Us


UBILLA is a non-profit foundation dedicated to improve the lives of inhabitants in Sub-Saharan Africa by creating incentives and opportunities through establishing local manufacturing facilities.

Image by Damian Patkowski

UBILLA takes control of the complete process and provides jobs and an existence for the local population.

UBILLA makes sure that all local employees are properly trained and educated and ultimately Ubilla is set out to donate these production facilities to the local community with the assistance and under supervision of the local government.

Our Role


The world is abundant with resources. There is a value creation chain in which every ring of the chain tries to maximize their profits. We are the ring in this chain which optimizes the ingredients of resources through the companies we have shares so that we can transfer these profits back to the countries where we made this profit from, to create such a loop that enables more and more people have jobs and sustainable life environment and families.  



Unlike other private charitable organisations, UBILLA strives not to donate to other charities. Its objective is to set up local manufacturing units and eventually hand these over to the locals.

Minor overheads, no payment rolls and limited expenses affirm that more than 95% of the donations, grants and other contributions are instrumental to the goal of the UBILLA Foundation.


UBILLA Foundation is detached from accumulating assets and through professional consultation with the local government, all available funds will be re- invested in new combined projects immediately. This can only be achieved with the assistance and expertise of local partners and in collaboration with the local government to promote human welfare, bringing the economy to the population and ensuring that basic human needs, such as labour, existence and acquiring knowledge are met. UBILLA's objective is to offer sustainability to a specific country’s future.

Our Offices


The HQ of the foundation is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have contact offices in Dakar - Senegal, Nairobi - Kenya and Istanbul – Turkey. 

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