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The UBILLA Foundation is convinced that the distribution of the world’s wealth needs to be revised and a more balanced distribution of the basic needs of existence must be secured anywhere on the planet.

• Exploiting nations for cheap labour, which is predominately used to produce commodity items such as apparel, is not the way forward.

• Education and the transfer of technology to create self-sufficient entities capable of producing commodities and in principle related to some of the most pressing healthcare products in the supply chain is the key objective of the Foundation with the focus on sustainable endeavours in the healthcare sector with the intention to branch out to other sectors in the future.

Image by Doug Linstedt


The aim is to create a basic level of income ensuring the population of a decent future in their country of origin, without being forced to look for a basic existence elsewhere, mostly far away from their natural environment and family and often having no choice but to adapt to severe climate disparities.


Economical migration makes no sense, and this can only be reversed when we deal with this problem right where it starts.



The management of the foundation is consisting of people who have vast experience in doing projects worldwide, from Africa to Southeastern Asia.


We have given services in private sector, academic world, international organizations and governments. Their lifelong journey make them committed to the principles of the foundation, that if people can put food on the table, many other problems that we face as humanity will not be of question anymore.


Africa, being the mother of all humanity – where we all first spread all over the world from – had suffered a lot in the history. But as the world evolves and resources widens worldwide, thanks to technologies we develop, she is getting more and more importance for the world economy. 

Ubilla Foundation currently is the owner of Nintitec B.V., sharing the same tax number with this commercial entity. Nintitec B.V. invests in projects that creates jobs in Africa. The profit generated from these projects is transferred to Ubilla Foundation to be invested back for other job creating projects in the continent, creating a value creation loop.  



Environmental, Social and Governance are strictly monitored, and are part of our duty to make sure that any facility created complies at least with the latest rules and regulations related to pollution or waste material produced by a company and any other factors that could be considered to be associated with possible climate change, such as non- renewable resources, clean energy and more.

Being socially responsible also refers to sustainable investing, meaning that decisions are based on social and ethical responsibilities to ensure that the utmost of the sustainability principles are maintained, like human rights, diversity, and underprivileged communities. Business ethics, transparency, trust, and compliance are governance aspects with more meaning than profit aspects only.


Sustainable investing is a long-term view how one can affect the environment and how to make sure that everything is being done to reduce any potential impact on the environment. It is a must and our responsibility for the generations to come to adhere to these principles, being in accordance with the UN sustainability goals.



A prime example is the Facemask Factory in Senegal.

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